About Us

We are a dynamic sister duo with the added bonus of being great friends. We have worked successfully together for many years and it was at our previous job that the idea for Games 4 Brains was born. We were invited to a games evening after work one night, which we were very tentative about. We were expecting all the “usual suspects” like Monopoly and Scrabble, but it was not at all what we had anticipated. We emerged after four hours of absolute fun, in a heady daze, excited and passionate about sharing this fun with others. After being exposed to so many games that evening that we had never previously heard of, we realised that if we didn’t know about them, neither did so many others.

And so… we immersed ourselves in the world of board games and through lots of research we became aware of the enormous number of benefits for children.

In this age of social media and electronic dominance, we quickly realised that board games were not only an amazing educational tool but also a great way to get kids and adults “unplugged”. We both feel passionately about families spending time together and getting people to engage with each other without electronic devices. This is another huge motivation behind the Games 4 Brains concept. As a mother, with two children of her own, Natascha can testify to the difference board games have made to family time in her home. With Cassandra’s background in teaching (diploma from The Trinity College of London) and Natascha’s background in marketing, we are excited to teach board games to children and adults alike and to get people unplugged.  We are here to tell the world that board games are back!

So come on everyone – GET YOUR GAME FACE ON!